Safety Policy 

Always Remember: Safety Starts with You!

Our Safety Policy
PCG Inc,
 is committed to providing its employees and subcontractors with a safe working environment, with the proper training and equipment necessary to complete our work to the highest standard of quality. It is PCG Inc's, policy to perform our work without causing risks for anyone concerned. In order to carry out this policy of promoting safety and preventing accidents, the PCG Inc :

* Accepts the principle that the causes of accidents can be controlled.

* Believes that the occurrence of personal injuries can be further reduced.

* Recognizes that accident prevention must continue to be an integral part of our business operation.

* Believes that efficient management must strive to achieve "safe operations".

* Complies with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act while accepting this statute as a minimum standard.

* Will provide a comprehensive accident prevention program.

* Will keep and make available to authorized persons, statistics relative to personal injuries and lost time.

* Will continue to work closely with the Safety Committee.

* Recognizes that safety is a key element in supervisory performance.

Every Productive Contractors Group Inc. employee and subcontractor is encouraged and expected to adhere to the spirit and intent of this policy.