Project Management

PCG Inc’s project management team plan, direct, coordinate, and budget a wide variety of construction projects, including the building of all types of residential, commercial and industrial structures. We supervise an entire project or just part of one. We schedule and coordinate all design and construction process, including the selection, hiring, and oversight of specialty trade contractors. We direct and monitor the progress of construction activities. We are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and licences and, depending upon the contractual arrangements, for directing or monitoring compliance with building and safety codes, other regulations, and requirements set by the authorities. We also oversee the delivery and use of materials, tools, and equipment; worker safety and productivity; and the quality of the construction.

As a full-service project, construction management company, PGC Inc, can provide a complete menu of services from the earliest planning stages right through final project closeout. We tailor our services and staff to meet your needs and budget, providing the highest level of service in the most efficient manner.


Project Management

Project Management is the professional management of a single project from the planning, design phase through closeout and occupancy. Project management services may include:

·   Project definition
·   Developing a realistic and complete budget
·   Schedule of planning and design phase management
·   Management information system
·   Schedule and quality control
·   Review of documents for coordination and constructability

·   All of the items listed above under construction management