Civil Works

Civil construction is anything to do with earth:

  • PRODOCTIVE CONTRACTORS GROUP Inc's Civil Works Group understands the importance of these kinds of projects; they are large and equipment intensive. Whether the client is a Government Ministry, a Town or City, a Developer, or private owner; PCG Inc, has both the expertise and the depth of resources to complete a project at the highest quality and efficiency.
    We provide complete services on civil works projects. Our Civil Works Group has the experience and inventiveness needed to undertake your projects.

Acting as general contractors we take responsibility for delivering your project safely, on-time and on-budget. Since 2001 we have successfully completed a number of interesting projects within Canada. 
Typical projects include the following components:

  • Site preparation, environmental controls & grading
  • Excavation, earthworks and drainage works
  • Utilities and site services
  • Reinforced concrete foundations
  • Structural steel, reinforced concrete and pre-cast structures
  • Roofing and moisture protection
  • Process equipment, rigging and mill righting
  • Parking facilities and landscaping

Our Project Managers, Site Superintendents and support staff follow the PCG Inc’s Quality Plan to achieve consistent results.