Building Restorations

Exterior Restoration

PCG Inc, specializes in restoring and preserving the integrity of the building envelope of aging and problem structures. We are capable of undertaking large-scale projects as well as smaller repairs and offer a complete solution for all restoration projects. We also provide remedial weatherproofing services to correct construction deficiencies in newer structures.  Our specific areas of expertise include;

• Caulking & Sealant Replacement
• Balcony Restoration & Concrete Repairs
• Parking garage structures
• Coatings & Waterproofing
• Epoxy and chemical grout injection
• Protective Coatings
• Caulking and glazing
• Railing Installation
• Exterior Painting
• Crack Injection

Owners, Developers, Property Management Companies, Architects, Consulting and Structural Engineers have come to recognize and rely on Productive Contractors Group to provide quality workmanship throughout our projects.

PCG Inc, offers a number of distinct advantages to our clients. Our services are accomplished by dedicated employees who have been with us for many years. This ensures single source accountability and allows for a safer, superior quality job performed by our highly skilled tradesman.

Upgrade, maintenance and repair of the exterior components of building systems which can encompass, depending upon the building structure: repairs to curtain wall systems, masonry repair or replacement, window repair or replacement, concrete repair, caulking or sealant replacement, exterior painting, application of high performance coatings, waterproofing systems, air barriers, insulation and balcony restoration. PCG Inc, utilizes approved restoration systems with warranties that often exceed new building construction.

The firm's longevity can be attributed to its business approach - a commitment to good construction practices, attention to details, and pride in the accomplishment of the clients' goal.
PCG Inc, works closely with clients to restore their properties in consideration of their financial and timeline expectations. As a provider of comprehensive restoration services and expertise, clients of PCG benefit from comprehensive solutions where only one contractor resolves issues from the top of the building to its foundation. PCG Inc, management and crews are well trained and experienced in the most effective and proven restoration products and techniques.
The GTA has one of the largest concentrations of underground parking structures in North America which face premature erosion from the widespread use of road salt whose chlorides accelerate the corrosion of the steel used in the reinforced concrete. The failures of systems designed to protect the concrete are quickly identified by PCG Inc, who utilize superior techniques and high performance waterproofing systems to extend the life of the structure.